Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9/2 Writing

We are beginning work on getting Chuck to write letters and numbers as another way to access his verbal cognition and expression. His right hand still needs strengthening and steadying so it's a motor and cognitive challenge. The right arm and hand that had been folded up like a bird's wing for weeks now has nearly full range of motion.

Walking: Did lots of it today. Up and down stairs. Outside in the beautiful fall weather. Down the halls. Into different therapy sessions. Chuck walks very briskly, as always.

Talking: Very natural sounding conversation with Nea. Many auspicious beginnings in conversation with me.

"I'll have to admit I really.....rrr rrr rrrr rrrrr."

OT: Chuck you haven't said one word to me today. Ask me one question about myself. One question!
Chuck: [prompted by Auburn whispering in his ear] Mary, why are you harassing me?

On a very serious note, I am of the opinion (and Chuck agrees with me) that there will be no single more critical component for Chuck's long-term recovery than a gifted speech therapist, one who can both re-establish the rudiments and also gain access to Chuck's considerable and subtle intellect. (Insurance is in the dark ages on this: they want someone to be able to walk, dress and groom themselves and that's the end of it.)

Most speech therapy I've observed is geared to the lowest level of functionality, like asking a physicist to add 2 + 2 repeatedly when his head is full of quantum theory.

I'll have more on this as the future develops.

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