Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9/23 Good stuff from Don Kaser about therapy for Chuck

Auburn,I did some asking around on the trombone forum I subscribe to about teaching a TBI person and got some very useful responses. A lot of it reinforces what you have been saying all along in your blog with respect to short visits, keeping the tone positive and friendly, not talking to him like a child and the like.

Here is one response:One of the challenges you MIGHT face is the uncertainty of the ways the trauma affected things we take for granted in "normal" teaching. For instance, trauma can affect the way the brain processes the "sound signal" from the ears. It can be different for each ear! It would be confusing to try to organize an on-time attack if each ear gave a different report on when the attack has happened.

Much of what we do in learning trombone is to set up and/or strengthen neurological connections for specific actions. You'll find many posts here to the effect that it's not practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice. "Does your friend remember having played? It would almost be easier if he did not. Imagine remembering being able to tongue a smooth chromatic line from b natural to f, THEN not being able to get the hand to come anywhere near where the tongue, eye, and ear expect. Hopefully there will be... existing connections that can be reinforced. But be prepared for having to establish brand new alternate connections."

Tough changes to ride!So, whenever you think it is wise, I am available to spend some time with Chuck and the trombone. I would start with just a visit to see if he recognizes me and/or thinks I am a friendly spirit. I haven't really known Chuck all that long, so I would not be surprised if I appear a stranger. I live pretty close by to your house in Barberton and the bike shop is slowing down a bit now, so it will be easier to get away as the weather gets cooler. Just let me know. Glad to read that Chuck is coming home. Peace and good health,Don Kaser

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