Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9/23 Thanks to Magic City Kiwanis

Mark Nitz, outgoing president of Magic City Kiwanis, presented us today with a gift of $621 for the Chuck Sandstrom Benefit Fund. He and his wife met with us late this afternoon to present the gift and pray with us. In preparation, Chuck dictated this response:

Thank you Barberton for this generous gift. It is beyond expectation. It helps us continue to see ways to go forward and we can live with great comfort knowing our community is behind us.

Great returns will come from this and we will continue to build on it. I've heard from my family that great things have been done by Barberton and I want to recognize you for this and thank you for caring for my family in our time of greatest need and loss.

We're going to be able to restore the good name of Barberton together.

Other than me prompting him with the words, "I've heard from my family..." and one or two clarifying questions, Chuck dictated this independently.

Chuck and I have had a number of high-caliber conversations but this is the first time we've tried a formally dictated statement. Thank you to the Nitz's and Magic City Kiwanis for your gift, your unflagging support and your part in mid-wifing this new system of communication.

What an encouraging homecoming gift.

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  1. The gift was from the Magic City Kiwanis.