Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/26 Exponential progress

In our two and 1/2 days home, Chuck has already made dramatic progress toward his own independence and I don't feel I have to accompany him every second to every room. We are revelling in the quiet as well as in our frequent trips to town and our visitors. Chuck takes more naps now and sleeps longer. I'm coming to see that sleep produces as much healing as the other therapies.

Jean gave Chuck a speech therapy session yesterday. When Jean said she was going to have Chuck in the kitchen talking about the foods and meals, I said, "He WON'T UNDERSTAND! He's never BEEN in the kitchen!" (Once Becky attended speech therapy and they showed Chuck a picture of a microwave. She exclaimed, "Hey, he doesn't know what that is!")

Well Chuck and Jean had a grand time while Mary and I folded a mountain of clothes upstairs. (I heard them in the kitchen talking up a storm, naming things "eggs! bacon! cheese!", making inferences. Quite a pair, those two.) Afterward, Chuck said "Jean is good!" and thanked her.

Physical progress:
Walked the perimeter of Lake Anna (7/10 mile) with frequent rest stops.
Getting steadier up and down our stairs
Shower, shaving, dressing, tying shoes
Resting and waiting for me as opposed to jumping up every second and just going
Getting in and out of the car, putting on and taking off seatbelt.
Operating the electric cart at K-Mart (flawless).

I'm notorious for leaving on lights and leaving cabinet doors open. All day long, Chuck flips off lights and closes cabinet doors. He used to be picky about doing his own laundry. I think we'll get him back on that today.

We are enjoying each other immensely. Tremendous amount of affection. Wednesday night was our first night ever as man and wife living together in the same house. It makes us happy as we knew it would.

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