Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/3 Three cool things

Cool thing number one: It turns out Chuck does have coverage for 30 sessions of outpatient speech therapy. It won't be all we need, but we'll have a place to start rather than being dropped off of a cliff. Also, he'll be able to do outpatient work in Barberton.

Cool thing number two: Rick Wiley, the chairman of the Barberton Community Foundation called today to tell us that they hope very much for Chuck to resume his position there, that Chuck IS the director of the BCF and they want him back. In the meantime, they wanted to let us know they were starting a search process for a new director should Chuck be unable to get back, but this can take many months and doesn't close any doors.

I put Chuck on the phone with Rick. Chuck immediately sat up and spoke clearly, "I'm fine," "Things are going well," "Let's hope so," "We'll have to see," are the things I heard Chuck say on this end.

Cool thing number three: I said, "Chuck, how about just saying anything at all, just any word at all that comes to you." "Okay," he said. He thought about it, prepared himself then said these words: "Christ E-E-Mon-al. Christ Ee-monal"
"Christ Eternal?" I ask.
"Yes," he says, "Christ Eternal."
"All our praying people will love to hear those are the words on your mind."
"That's where we're living. In Christ Eternal, where we're free. No limits."
"Yes. Phew!"


  1. Hallelujah~this is so great Chuck!

  2. Wow,I'm so happy for you and your family. Christ is "ETERNAL"!!
    Love and prayers,
    Clarissa, friend of Becks!