Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30 Benefit Fund Meeting Tonight (see 9/29)/Pulpit Memories

We popped in VHS recordings of two of Chuck's sermons yesterday for the first time. Chuck teared up at the very beginning watching that slightly younger version of himself but then simply observed with the dispassionate expression I've often seen him take to recordings of himself. When a younger version of me stood at the podium to give a testimony, Chuck got very animated and interested. "You're very good," he said. "Great!"

Meanwhile, our friend Pastor Davis called and said she'd like to offer Chuck the pulpit one Sunday in her little church down the street from where the assault took place. We plan to accept this opportunity for Chuck to make a public statement in the context of his faith and invite the neighborhood to attend. (I thought Channel 8 would be interested in this moment, so I called. They're interested.)

Pastor Davis and her husband dropped off a rich ham and bean soup yesterday with skillet cornbread. A perfect evening meal for a blustery Fall day. We didn't step foot outdoors.

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