Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/1 Chuck's best day ever. (Me, not so much.) Off to Princeton.

Chuck has been speaking clearly on and off all day. He putted with authority on our small green in the park by our house. He put gas in the car (with only a few prompts). Last night, he attended the benefit fund meeting for a short time and then onward to the Kiwanis banquet where he was hailed and applauded by his whole gang. We stayed long enough to sing a few songs and got home before dark.

We're preparing to take a weekend trip to Princeton to see Mandela. Leaving tomorrow, back Monday. (Chuck was still in a coma the day Mandela left for college last July.) My niece Heather Van Dam got us some super cheap rates at good hotel and we're driving the 9 hours so we can stop as needed.

Chuck is still susceptible to falls and his outpatient therapy will be addressing that quite aggressively.

I'm pretty done in right now. Am going to have to get help and get away soon to recharge. This is a necessary trip though, and there's a feeling of adventure in it for us both.

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