Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/8 Enjoying our marriage

I told Chuck today I was really enjoying our marriage and that I thought we had a good one. That seemed to please him.

In the Honeymoon Suite we've practiced a number of things I hope to observe the rest of our years:
1. Quality time without outside distractions or pressures or anything pressing to do.
2. Lighting up with joy to see each other many times a day
3. Patience, respect and no agendas.
4. Lots of touching and laughter.
5. Naked eye contact, heart to heart.
6. Deep listening and considering the other.
7. Ability to take space and allow space.
8. Activities together like Commode Corn Hole and X-Treme Fire Escape climbing
9. Visits from friends.
10. Tolerance for empty time, comfortable silences
11. Naps
12. Discussing ideas and hopes for the future.

I'm loving this idea. Chuck as motivational speaker and professional fundraiser. Auburn as writer. There's a whole planet of people affected by TBI and we'd have something to offer. That's today's thought. The future is kind of like one of those big fluffy clouds on a summer day that shapes and reshapes itself as it moves across the sky.

Rehab doc walks in today and finds Chuck and me playing cards.
Doc: Who's winning?
C: SHE is.
Doc: Yeah, she has all the cards.
C: She does have all the cards
Doc and Chuck share a commiserating laugh
A: Hey! I SWEAR, I'm not TRYING to have all the cards. Never asked for all the cards, you guys. Chuck, win back some cards, dude!

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  1. This is a pretty inspiring post Auburn. I may have to use this with my relationship clients. Powerful messages. As always- sending you love and strength and the capacity to know when you need to be cared for!