Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/10 Worry and Netbed Man

Worry is an enemy to good-quality living and loving. I think almost non-stop about finances and how to make things work, but the maddening thing is, I don't have all the pieces, so how can I settle on a solution? Chuck and I discussed this last night at length in our Chuck and Auburn way and ended up just laughing it off and cuddling. Seems like as good a solution as any for the moment.

Chuck takes out his "flipper" with the temporary two teeth at night and I've found I'm actually attached to the guy I know with the big gap in his face. I call him "Netbed Man." Chuck thinks this is pretty funny. (What a bizarre marital history we're developing.)

We're taking a brief trip to Findlay this weekend to visit Mom, Dad, Shelley and other friends and family. Haven't been to the hometown since the day we flew out the door to get to Akron General ICU. I've got an eye out for family situations where Chuck could eventually be safe and comfortable for 48 hours or more. I am in great need of a respite, as Chuck's Ugandan friend said, "So my soul can catch up with my body."

Carving out time to begin another book project and to re-draft my novel is another priority, right up there with Chuck's rehab and stabilizing our financial picture. Netbed Man fully supports this aim. It's imperative, however, to keep every support and option in place for Chuck Sandstrom, who is on his way back in totality. I see the whole guy (when I'm not distracted with fruitless worrying); it's just going to take time for him to completely re-manifest. There's nobody on the planet like Chuck with his perspective and the way he operates. He has been an instrument of joy, hope, unity and healing even in his present conditon. He's still the guy I lean on for moral support. He's still the guy who brings me great happiness.

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  1. well now.......that's just about as positive as you can get. go chuck and auburn. i know all the puzzle pieces will come together in time. Lynn