Friday, October 16, 2009

10/16 Good visits, day options

We had a good visit from Cousin Paul Homberg yesterday and another with our good friend Rick Owens (the man who organized the prayer vigil and created the Benefit Fund in the first few days of our shock). Rick prayed and shared Communion with us.

Later, we sat in Pastor Davis (Alpha and Omega church) and husband Willie's kitchen and discussed golf, church, and how they don't make ginger ale like they used to. I always feel blessed and unburdened after just spending a few moments in the light and love of these two beautiful people.

We're going to do a trial day next week at an Adult Day Center to how we like it. There's a really warm pool, a gym, and rehab type activities available as well as a few dozen folks to socialize with. We shall see.

Chuck's progress is more evident to those who don't see him day to day, but I can report that he is much more independent around the house, showering, shaving, going up and down stairs without assistance. He is capable of 100% clear comments in small windows, usually as a response to a specific person or a specific goal-oriented communication. His attention span and ability to focus has increased and I believe he understands and utilizes complex thinking. But, as is typical of a brain injury, he has no sense of time or chronology. On our trip to Findlay, in the first 20 minutes Chuck asked me to repeat several times where it was we were going as he did not recognize the stretch of highway we were on.

A:What's that like not always knowing where you are or why.
C: It's just awful.

I understand from other TBI survivors that this is an experience you have to live through to relate.

We are enjoying our home and using the fireplace frequently. We still have a freezer full of good food folks sent, so we eat well without having to do any shopping or cooking. This has been a huge huge help to us.

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  1. OMG...why DON'T they make ginger ale the way they used to????? LOL I so related to the part about Chuck saying it is "just awful" not to know where you are going or why. My Dad's strokes have left him very confused and it is SO frustrating for him. We want to make it all better and it seems we can't. Lynn