Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30 Report from Glendale

A week ago, on Saturday night, Dr. Charles Sandstrom came to Findlay for a visit with his Sheaffer in-laws (he calls us Mom and Dad – we like that).

He has such a wonderful disposition that it was a happy occasion. The Sandstrom kids all pitched in. Stacey and her little daughters, Lauren and Allie (from Illinois) came for an hour each morning. Chuck, and son-in-law CJ, went to the Y each afternoon for machine workouts. The Sandstrom grandparents and Shelley were great cooks for each dinner out.

Chuck is efficient in personal needs, bed times and dressing times. In between naps we played wicked games of Sorry and ping-pong There were also written assignments that Auburn left for him to do as well as reading and voice modulation exercises.

This morning his brother Bill, from Georgia, whisked him away to Jamestown, NY, to visit first cousins who adore him. Chuck will be back in Barberton Sunday to start a rigorous schedule of therapy with Auburn being the [care manager].

(My parents actually wrote "task-master"!!! Auburn)


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