Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10/6 Chuck dictates his first message to the Circle of Love

Dear Circle of Love,

I am feeling better and I feel like I should say something to everyone. I am feeling I want to say something to the family. It has been an experience I have enjoyed very much that you have given to me so much of your time, care, and money in this period of time. I have felt very good about it. I wish I could repay every one of you.

My mind is fine but my speech is challenged. I know that I have difficulty with sense of time and want to identify things I need to make better. I have an understanding that this will take months and should occupy a great deal of my time.

I also want to acknowledge people who have given of themselves in helping me in other ways such as [care packages], meal preparation and service and their smiles..

It has made my faith very strong and my hope [several words] my source of strength.

[Chuck spoke a number of sentences I was unable to decipher in addition to these clear ones. He had me read it to him and made a few corrections and I prompted him a bit on ideas like "Do you want to say anything about your faith? Can you speak to your understanding of where you are right now in your recovery?" The effort was significant and he took a nap immediately afterward.]

C: What is the course today?
A: What are we doing, you mean?
C: Yes, what are we doing?
A: Well, nothing much until therapy this afternoon... Except housework. There's laundry and getting the house re-organized. Stuff I need to do and you can help me.
C:[long pause] That's not ideal.
A:[laughing] No, it's not ideal.


  1. Hey Dad and Auburn,

    It's Brent here. Just wanted to share that I miss not being able to visit/see you as much as I have wanted to these past few months. And as I only hear or read of how you are progressing, my heart absolutely swells with excitement, joy, hope and an uncontrollable urge to see you again!!! What a story the two of you can and will be able to tell!! I am truly inspired!!! It is an absolute honor to be considered your son!

    I Love You Very Much!

    Brent Reeder

  2. Dear Brent,
    This is Dad. I believe you said something very good and I love you. Yes, that's all.