Thursday, October 8, 2009

10/8 Chuck announces new teeth and Mandela to play on ESPNU tonight!

Dear Circle of Love

I like my new teeth. So will you. I need to keep a watch over myself [teeth.]

( Call Becky. Tell her I look pretty.)

We are going to be watching Mandela featured as Number 10 [ESPNU at 7 pm vs. Colgate].
We're going to look at it and we're looking for him. [M's coach said he'd be going in a lot tonight.]

[Going to friend Donna's tonight to watch the game in the man cave on the big, flat screen TV. Rumor has it we'll be eating pumpkin cookies, chips and dip!]

[Pictures to be posted soon.]


  1. Hi Chuck, yes you look "handsome" Glad to see you are doing so well. :)

  2. hi lovely people!
    I'm so happy to see your pretty smile, my brother! Hugs to you and Auburn