Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1 Christy's Cool Church (Again)/First week of Care Donated by Jean

So we enter the sanctuary and they've already recruited Bill Sandstrom with his Santa whiskers onto the praise singing team up front. We were in Amen Aisle, laughing, whooping it up and waving to Bill. Our good friends Lola and Reggie came as our guests today looking like celebrities.

Christy didn't disappoint. Somehow he took some passage from Revelation and turned it into a lesson about Paying It Forward, complete with a colorfully-worded film clip. Afterwards, pizza downstairs.

Bill came to Barberton as part big brother, part pastoral counselor. Like sister Becky, he showed up at an important moment and really nourished our spirits. I love hearing the stories from their childhood years and Bill was able to speak comfort and wisdom into our present challenges.

Tomorrow will be Chuck's first day at Gilcrest. I'll take him there myself so we can get a sense of how things will be for him throughout the morning. Jean Hamed is donating $250 to his first week of care and we plan to set up a more rigorous daily physical regimen than he has had in the past.

We can't do a thing to make his brain heal faster but we can indeed do more to rehabilitate his body. God grant us... the courage to change the things we can.

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  1. Great to see you, Chuck and the posse! Music Director wants Bill to come back every week! Thanks for making the service special!