Monday, November 2, 2009

11/2 Day One Goes Swimmingly

Chuck got in a pool today for the first time since his injury for 45 minutes of water aerobics along with about a dozen other people. We were thrilled to see him actually swim afterwards, an arm over arm crawl for several strokes. He practiced this a number of times. Chuck's new trainer Matt said he was very encouraged to see Chuck's ability and work ethic and plans to work with him in the water as well as in the gym. Matt has a photograph of Chuck from his capital campaign days on his desk. The mission: Get Chuck's body back while his brain heals.

When Chuck came home today, he was energized and upbeat. He said, "This was a good decision. This is more than babysitting."

This morning when Chuck went downstairs he said, "Where's Bill?" He wanted Bill to know about his swimming success and he had an urgency about calling him tonight with an update.

We're showered, shaved, in our pyjamas and ready for tomorrow, whatever comes. (I'm hoping to get called for a subbing assignment.)

Chuck knows he has a 6:30 am pick-up.

A: I've been sad today about what happened to you. I've been keeping it at bay but now I'm really sad.
C: It doesn't matter
A: It DOES matter. It matters a lot!

Long pause. Auburn clears the dinner table.

A: If you getting hurt doesn't matter, what does matter?
C: Well, in general... not a thing.
C: But to you and to me, what matters is me getting free of this....
A: Disability?
C: Yes. This disability.
A: Yes, I've said this from the beginning. There's nothing more important.
A: And me shaping up a meaningful life right along with you.
C: Yes, that's true.

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  1. I am so glad that the pool is there for Chuck to have a wonderful physical workout and that the first day at Gilcrest was a good one. Now I will pray that Auburn gets some subbing opportunities. God has provided in unexpected ways and I think that you will soon get into a routine that will be healthy emotionally for both of you. God Bless - jean