Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10 Setting up a Schedule

It has been quite a monumental task getting all of Chuck's therapies and schedules lined up in the context of his day at Gilcrest. We feel very optimistic about the water aerobics 3x/week and swimming and daily strength and flexibility training. We're still fine-tuning the speech therapy component, but don't have everything in place yet. We plan to incorporate massage therapy along with his outpatient physical and occupational therapy. We're finding ways to schedule down times of rest and quiet as well as active times for handwriting and hand strength exercicses.

Chuck's trainer, Johnny, is a decorated Army Specialist who spent several years in the Balkan Islands. He came right to Chuck's outpatient therapy session and spoke with the PT about his objectives. He and Matt (soon to be an RN) get down on the floor every day and stretch every part of Chuck's body and guide him through several weight bearing, muscle building sets. They've demonstrated a combination of gentleness and great commitment that we are all certain will pay priceless dividends in the restoration of Chuck's physical strength and freedom.

This has turned into a fairly impressive team effort and one of the most meaningful "projects" I've ever been a part of coordinating. It gives us great hope and purpose each day. Chuck has been very thrilled to experience tendons and muscles beginning to release and to feel his strength returning. We'll be on the lookout for the best ways to support his regimen nutritionally also.

We're down to the last of the prepared foods people left in the freezer and did our first major grocery trip of our own today.

It would have been a terrible mistake for me to take on the responsibility of a long-term sub at this stage. This planning and coordinating in Chuck's behalf was far more critical. We'll have to see what can develop for me once Chuck's days are set.

We're both in good spirits and feeling very grateful for the good people surrounding and supporting us in this newest endeavor.

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