Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/7 Chillaxing in Front of the Fire

I asked Chuck if he wanted to go swimming with me at the Y today or sit around. He said he'd prefer to sit around. He has nodded off in front of the fire after a big lunch.

This morning we watched Fried Green Tomatoes and Chuck cried in all the right places. (This is the guy who always got choked up watching Little House on the Prairie re-runs.)

There's a TBI "clubhouse" in Akron where all the members contribute to the daily operations of the place from preparing and serving meals to managing the books and communications. They have a shorter week (M-Th) than typical Adult Day Cares and they operate from 9-2:30. We'll be attending a speaker function there on November 19 and checking it out.

Chuck spoke on the phone today with Barb, Bill, Beck and Stacey. Barb will be up for a visit in the very near future. She's a gifted healer/massage therapist and has done a great deal of study on TBI. We saw Chuck becoming more conscious when we followed her instructions on foot massage and other forms of touch, back when he was still in a coma. Every time a Sandstrom sibling shows up, there's another intervention, another turning point. What a great gang of brothers and sisters to have in a time of trial!

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