Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23 Mandela Honored as Princeton Freshman Offensive Player of the Year

"Awarded annually to that freshman offensive player who by his ability, conduct and attitude has clearly demontrated in the best Princeton tradition the qualities of leadership and the spirit of amateur athletics."

His head coach said he'd been very impressed with the strength and leadership Mandela demonstrated all season in spite of the tough circumstance at home. In the lead up to the award, they talked about the certain young man's impeccable lifestyle, the mistakes he did NOT make as a freshman, his strength and tenacity under great personal duress... the winner is.... Mandela Sheaffer.

The house was filled with important alums and administration. Mandela gave an impromptu acceptance speech. The president of Princeton approached him after and said how impressed she was with his carriage and his speaking ability.

We are so PROUD he has been recognized for his character. We agreed he'd become a full-fledged Princetonian tonight. He's still lighting up our lives. Might even top that 80 yard kick-off return for a touchdown his senior year. Makes us all feel like successes. Huzzah for Mandela!

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