Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4 Workday highs and lows

Paul says he and Chuck had a grand time at the Rotary luncheon and, as we thought, those friends are ready and willing to help Chuck in any way they can. They will be distributing the fund-raising letter our committee is drafting and creating opportunities for Chuck to speak briefly at appropriate gatherings on behalf of the fund.

Paul says Chuck was really the man of the hour. People were delighted to see him.

And now the report from Portage Elementary.

Loved the kids.
Loved the other teachers.
My skill at teaching 24 Kindergartners all day......?

Those kids will sure be glad to get their real teacher back. She knows where the sticky-note names go, what to do with the purple folders, who gets a bear dollar, who's the line leader, who does weather, how to use letter cups, where is the writing station and what to do about Ethan.

I didn't know.


  1. You were exactly the teacher they needed to show them how much they know!!! may God grant you the serentiy to accpet the wisdom on those KG's!

  2. Kindergarten!! My mom taught kindergarten and on my college breaks I had to go in and help out. I knew from the first day that I would NEVER be a kindergarten teacher! They like everything JUST SO - the way the teacher does it!
    And there is ALWAYS an Ethan! Hang in there - a wonderful high school English assignment is waiting in the wings, in God's timing. jean hamed