Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4 Chuck to Speak at Hudson Clock Tower Rotary Today

Chuck looked very dapper this morning in his suit, tie and overcoat. His cousin Paul Homberg will pick him up later in the morning and take him to see all his old friends at the Hudson Clock Tower Rotary club, his first gang in Northeast Ohio . (He formerly attended Rotary in Findlay.)

Chuck has a prepared, short speech of greeting to his friends which he will deliver along with the Benefit Fund Committee's fund-raising letter:

It is with great honor I greet you in the name of the Rotary Club. My family and I have been through a terrific ordeal but we know that you have stood with us. Right now we are focused on recovery and need your help.

We have lost our main sources of income but I intend to use these months in recovery to help raise funds to defray medical and rehabilitative expenses associated with my injury.

I’ll need your help getting the word out about the Chuck Sandstrom Benefit Fund and am willing to make appearances where it would be appropriate.

My wife Auburn is managing 12 rental properties, stabilizing our finances, working part-time and managing my full-time care. I want to help her make a success of her endeavors in my behalf.

My prognosis is still unknown but medical professionals are encouraged by my steady progress. It will take a year or more before we have a clear picture of where I stand and I believe it won’t be nearly as bad as some fear.

A committee has drafted a letter detailing our needs, and I would ask you to distribute it for me to your own circles and invite me to speak in the Fund’s behalf wherever appropriate. It is a blessing to be among good friends.

Chuck practiced his delivery a number of times last night for me and then for an audience of neighbors and Mom on the phone. He does it perfectly. The speech was 75% his dictation and 25% my fine-tuning. It's the way we've always worked together.

Neighbors Kathy, Bella and Ruth bailed us out at the eleventh hour when I couldn't get either of our printers to work. We were all in each other's living rooms in pyjamas last night getting the job done.

I will be subbing at Portage Elementary School today. Looking forward to being around the small people.

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