Sunday, December 6, 2009

12/6 Fundraiser at Casa del Ranchero

About 25-30 friends gathered for last night's event, ate wonderful food prepared at Casa del Ranchero (graciously set up and donated by Sherie Sanchez), listened to several presentations, including Chuck's speech (see below) and passed a sombrero. We raised over $1,000 for Chuck's rehab last night just with the folks gathered. A lot of love in that room and pretty great friends.

Unfortunately, Channel 8 did not come, so an opportunity for greater exposure was lost, at least for this event.

The greatest moment for most of us last night came when Chuck looked up from the page, leveled his eyes at us all and declared with great power, "I intend to emerge fully!" A spontaneous ovation erupted.

We stamped and labeled post cards to friends of Chuck's. Our request is that you go to some circle of friends you see regularly (church, social group, Sunday School), tell them about Chuck and what he means to you. Then pray and pass the hat. Direct them to the blog if they have questions.

We have raised $10k of the $17.5k we've estimated is needed for rehab expenses through July 2010. We will be announcing sometime in the next week or so where we plan to go from here as we prepare to leave our home in New Haven.

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