Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7 New Home and an Anonymous $500 gift

Chuck and I have made the decision to stay in Barberton. Now that we're settled on the idea, I have to say, I'm genuinely excited. One of Chuck's associates made a cute little house available to us on wonderful terms. (Picture soon to follow.)

We'll be able to continue Chuck's therapy without interruption and I will be able to begin making a home for us for the first time since I arrived in July. Am looking forward to having friends over for coffee and gossip.

We received a mysterious Key Bank gift card worth $500 from an unknown person or people... It simply said "Merry Christmas." Wow!

A few more checks came in from the Saturday event bringing the total "sombrero" collection to over $1,200.

We'll begin moving stuff by vanloads by this weekend. Will be putting a shout out for manpower later in the month for the heavy stuff that goes on a truck. Have one football player son, one officer of the law and one possible son-in-law. Chuck just said, "Hey, I can be helpful." And I myself have been pumping iron.

Let's do it!

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