Monday, January 4, 2010

1/4 Overwhelming Support

In December, we received a donation from Akron philanthropist Mark Jenney in the amount of $1,000 and we continue to see steady stream of financial support from "hat-passers" and individuals. Mark had heard of us through our trainer John at Gilcrest. Imagine my surprise when Chuck presented me with a check for a thousand dollars from someone he'd just met for the first time that day.

We will be moving forward with Chuck's tooth implant and restoration surgery this month and continue with his physical training with a goal of helping him to become autonomous in his fitness activities.

Donations are over the $14,000 mark, just shy of our goal of $17,500 and this will enable us to continue with Chuck's out-of-pocket rehab expenses with a sense of security, regardless how the rest of our financial picture might need to unfold.

Chuck is doing more "Chuck" things lately, like turning on ball games and watching them beginning to end. Yesterday, he tried to get the snow-blower started and, when it didn't fire up, he took it upon himself to go across the street and get a neighbor to come over and take a look at the thing (neighbor couldn't start it either). One of the moving days, Chuck got right in there, filled up boxes and hauled things for several hours without getting overly fatigued. His daily and weekly memory of details, though imperfect, shows more and more continuity and accuracy. He continues to be a partner to me in emotional support and concern for my well-being. I call him "Angel Man."

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