Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18 Progress

The best way to keep current with us now is FACEBOOK and Chuck's Fan Page. For the dozens of people who gave in amounts of $10 to $20 to 100s of dollars, please accept our heartfelt thanks. I wrote personal thank you's until it just became too overwhelming. Here is an overview of where Chuck is these days:

1. Regularly attends Kiwanis and other service meetings
2. Continues work w/trainer, speech, occupational & massage therapist "dream team".
3. Is preparing to preach on April 11 at Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church.
4. Will give remarks at the Victim's Assistance Banquet Fundraiser March 6.
5. Is able to snowblow our steep driveway and move and park cars without assistance.
6. Continues to have great challenges with short term memory and with expressing himself but understands the rest of us perfectly well.
7. We are actively seeking ways to help other families on TBI journeys. We want with a passion to pass on some of what we're learning and to help others take the aggressive course we've taken with rehab. We believe there are hundreds languishing in nursing homes,net beds and wheelchairs who could come along much much further with help, resources and encouragement.
8. I hope to post video of Chuck in the next several weeks. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your continued prayers and interest in our progress.

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