Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17 More conversation, reading, jokes and angst

Speech therapist holds up name tag
S.T. What does this say?
C: Katherine
S.T. (places plastic cup in his hand) What's this?
C: Cuh cuh cuh cup.
Auburn: It's a good thing you got that doctorate
Chuck breaks up laughing

Auburn holds up meditation books
A: What does this say?
C: Yeesus Calling
A: What does this say?
C: Upper Room
A: What does this say?
C: The Best American Short Stories
A: Dude, you can read. That makes me pretty damn happy.
Chuck beams.

A: Where did you got to college
C: Fredonia
A: Who am I
C: Auburn
A: How old am I?
C: 25 (I laugh)
A: Oh yeah?
C: You like that?
A: Yeah that's all right. How old are you?
C: 25
A: Nope. Wrong. Seventeen.
C: Seventeen
I hold up a picture of Lauren and Allie
A: Who is this?
C: My little daughters
Hold up picture of Lauren in dancing outfit
C: That's Lauren
I hold up picture of brother Bill as a child
C: Billie
Hold up sister Rebecca
C: Reh reh reh
S.T. Is that Becky?
C: Yes
S.T. Say "Becky" and use your lips
C: Becky

C: Suh Suh Reh Reh Reh Files
A: I didn't understand
C: Suh Reh Files
A: Files?
C: I want reh buh suh buh
A: I can't understand you sweetheart. Use your lips.
C: (look of concern and agitation)
A: Chuck, don't worry.
C: Don't tell me that
A: Okay. Worry if you want to but I don't recommend it. Do you know where you are?
C: When reh reh reh home?
A: In a few weeks.
C: I want reh reh home.
C: Home.
A: Do you know where you are?
C: (Troubled look.)
A: We're in Barberton
Chuck continues to look troubled.
A: Okay. You can be sad if you want to be but only for 20 seconds, okay.
C: Okay.
A: It's okay. But you're going to be well. It's going to take a few months.
I hold up picture of Shelley and Stacey
C: Shelley and Stacey
Picture of Mandela
A: Who is that?
C: (very clearly) Mandela
A: What school does he go to
C: Findlay (in picture M is wearing Findlay jersey)
A: Who's the preacher in Steinbeck who says "I ain't a preacher no more."
C: (Thinks it over)
A: Casey. Do you remember.
C: Yes, I remember
Holding up picture of us on Glendale
A: Where was this picture taken?
C: Parents
A: What are our parents' names?
C: Honey and Bob
A: Bob?!
Chuck laughs for a full 20 seconds
A: Okay. Honey and Bob. Dad will love that. (Bob who?)
A: Who is Honey?
C: My wife.
A: No she's not, I'm your wife.
C: (disappointed?) Oh, not my wife.
A: Who is your favorite band (I hum "Color my World")
C: Chicago
A: What instrument do you play?
C: Trombone
A: What's your mother's name?
No answer
A: Where were you born?
No answer
A: Is it boring answering all these questions?
C: Yes
A: Do you want me to stop?
C: Yes

There were "why" questions and other statements I couldn't decipher and he said his throat hurt but that talking did NOT hurt. He woke up the second I left at 1:30 am last night and stayed up all night. Didn't sleep until 8 or so in the morning (Either he gets a night's sleep or I do) so this interferes with his mood and his tolerance for therapy. He's dead tired.

More unnecessary delays on the trach (wrong size cap; no cap to be found; fenestrated canula idea abandoned for unknown reason; no answers; no action) and some conversation about moving on to rehab this week.

I'm going back now for physical therapy. We'll have to wake him up again. More later.


  1. God bless you both with patience and love and laughter...this is a journey.

  2. i so enjoy reading your posts. very endearing, encouraging and sometimes humorous. what a wild ride! Lynn and Scott

  3. Auburn, Ruth Kaser and I spent 2 hours with Chuck on Sunday while you were gone. He didn't speak to us, but did look at us when we talked to him. He did sleep about and hour and a half while we were there, and it was a very peaceful sleep, but very agitated while awake. I will come back and visit, but let me know if there are specific times you want relieved and I will try to accommodate.
    Brenda Farrell (Rotary, United Way)

  4. Ruth and Brenda -- I saw from Olivia's schedule that you had been by. I was out taking a long long walk and was comforted to know that friends were visiting with Chuck. I like to be able to take several hours in the early evening when possible to get dinner and perhaps time with friends from 5ish to 8 or 9. Please e-mail me at and perhaps we can make plans. Appreciate you!

  5. Every Sunday and Wednesday, folks at our church ask, "How's Chuck?" Praise the Lord, we can tell them that you're doing better all the time!
    (Since we still have dial-up Internet access at home, I'm using our granddaughter's laptop while I'm babysitting. The youngsters are years ahead of us with their technology!) Our prayers continue,
    Victor and Sue