Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17 Visiting Hours for Chuck

Do stop by to visit Chuck, he responds to people and positive energy.

As of August 24, Chuck is at

PDF map here (330) 784-1271

Visiting hours are 4-8 pm every day.

Thankfully, much of the following below is out of date! Chuck is very much more aware now! Read recent blog posts for up to date information.

Here's what visitors should know.
  • Chuck is frequently asleep and wakes easily, so tip-toe. Please don't wake him up.
  • Please leave a note in our guest book for Chuck.
  • When Chuck is awake and aware, speak to him rather than around or over him, touch him, tell him of things he would be familiar with and keep your sentences simple. Keep your voice at a normal, not loud, volume.
  • When Chuck is awake but not sociable or responsive, you might just sit with him quietly.
  • Keep visits short. Make way for therapists, aides, nurses or other activities going on in the small room.
  • Help keep Chuck safe. If you notice he's active and in danger of coming out of the bed or chair or of pulling off some medical equipment, please stop him. There is also a call button clipped to his bed should you need assistance.
  • Chuck can be quite sociable and responsive now, but his attention span is short, so don't take it personally if he looks at you intently one moment then turns away the next.
  • His smile is priceless, but be prepared to see him minus his two front teeth. Can be a bit startling.
  • I am often in the room and too tired to be very charming or coherent. Ignore me.

We appreciate your love and concern for Chuck.

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