Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/22 The Ram's Horn/Shofar (8/21)

Dear Auburn,
I have been reading your blog religiously and feel very connected.
AND as today begins the month in the Jewish Tradition in which we begin to introspect and prepare for repentance and God’s forgiveness and there is a more direct line, if you will, I have decided that my role is to keep YOU uppermost in my prayers.
Each morning during this month, we blow the Ram’s horn (called the shofar) and in that resonant sound I hear your emerging creative & loving self who will come out of the narrow straits of the horn out into the wide, expansive and redemptive part of that instrument.
You have been and continue to be a blessing in my life.
Now come on out to Princeton again and I will drive out to see you!
(Unless of course it is on Saturday my Sabbath.)


Pearl T. Mattenson, CPCC, ACCLeadership & Relationship Coach

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