Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14 By-passing the forlorn Sundays

I seem to have really forlorn days on Sunday, but the mopey thoughts evaporate on Mondays. And from the beginning, just as I begin to get down, Chuck will do something fresh and amazing.

Today, he was able to identify the month, day and year on a calendar and state that he is at Edwin Shaw because he has a head injury. While he was shaving, I said a couple things and he called "What did you say?" I repeated the last sentence. He said, "No, what was the first thing you said?" I was pretty stoked at this sequencing.

Yesterday, his words were all in a muddle, but today, he is making good, concise phrases.

A: Where are we?
C: Edwin Shaw.
A: Is it September or August?
C:September.... July!
A: September. September 1st or 14th
C: 14th
A: Who am I?
C: My nurse.....
A: Um, yes. I am that.
C: My wife!
A: That too. What's my last name?
C: Sheaffer
A: What's your last name?
C: Sandstrom
A: I'm thinking about officially changing my name to Sandstrom. What do you think of that?
C: It would be all right by me!
A: Yeah. I'm thinking the person who [helped with an intimate bathroom function] ought to share your name.
C: Totally.

We're taking the stairs up and down now instead of the elevator and taking good, brisk walks. I often let go and allow him to walk unassisted, and he's okay for a dozen steps or so. We sometimes go out into the parking lot and get in and out of the car. Also, Chuck is eating almost every bite of his meals and we've supplemented with Ensure, yogurt and other drinks for extra calories.

Looking forward to reinforcements. First Becky and then Stacey. Chuck has had three faithful women doing the day to day hard stuff supporting Chuck, supporting me: Becky, Shelley, Stacey.

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