Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/27 Read Chuck update on Daughter Shelley's Blog

Chuck is in Findlay this week while I catch up on paperwork and get some rest. Daily blog entries on Shelley's blog (click side bar).

Signed up today to start subbing at the Barberton High School and Middle Schools and will meet with the Chuck Benefit Fund Committee this week to launch the formal campaign to raise money for Chuck's continuing physical and cognitive restoration needs (beyond what insurance will cover).

He needs more strength and flexibility work, massage therapy and Day Care (so I can return to work). These additional costs amount to just over $5200 for November thru January and then $8600 for February thru April (when insurance stops covering outpatient sessions) and then around 10k from May to July. We will likely be able to find ways to reduce these costs and even find some volunteer service providers, but the point is setting up a program that will give Chuck the most optimal help possible for this first important year. His present outpatient program is adequate, but Chuck is capable of more progress, more strength, more balance, more flexibility and a more active day to day life.

We have accepted that a greatly simplified way of life will also be part of this year's total picture.

Where will we live next?

Not certain, but we have a great, supportive community here and I'm hard at work setting up a way of life for the next several months where Chuck and I will both "go to work" each day and meet up again in the evenings.

I'm spending more time in prayer, getting more rest and working my way through massive to-do lists. As my counselor says, "Trust God but tether your camel."

I really do miss Net Bed Man though. He lights up my life.

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