Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10/28 Bless Barberton Again!

Barberton City Schools called this morning to offer me a full-time sub position until the end of the school year teaching 7th grade Language Arts at Highland. I'm very pleased! And I get to have COLLEAGUES on a TEAM. I'll be observing for a few days and then get started on Wednesday of next week.

We're fine-tuning Chuck's Day Care and outpatient therapy situation so that he can continue his progress and still get the rest times he needs. All of you who know Chuck will agree that he thrives around people.

This next environment, Gilcrest in Doylestown, will be a more sociable one. They have a full gym, a 90 degree pool, activities, meals and owners who understand the importance of appropriately aggressive therapy. We're going to see Chuck get his physical strength back and his balance and flexibility as his brain heals. Thanks Jean Hamed for the recommendation.

He'll also be doing outpatient physical therapy here in Barberton with Jessica, formerly of Edwin Shaw and weekly massage.

We need to find a suitable (inexpensive but nice) house or apartment to rent in the Barberton area at least until the end of the school year. I can't WAIT to begin actually unpacking boxes, putting up pictures and making a home.

Yay Barberton. Yay us!

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  1. Hi Chuck and Auburn. Just wanted to let you know that throughout our move to Michigan we have been very busy with "stuff" to do. But we are keeping up on your posts and checking Chuck's progress. It seems things are always looking up for you guys no matter what the challenge. Yay! Godspeed, Scott and Lynn